Should Home Brew Beer Be Stored in Glass Or Plastic?

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One of the most important decisions that must be considered when you are finished manufacturing your home brew beer is how you are going to store your finished product. Although there are a number of different storage containers that are available on the marker, the most basic consideration that new home brewers need to make is whether to use glass or plastic storage devices. Both glass and plastic materials present their own advantages and disadvantages to a home brewer, and it is important to be well informed on the basics of using both materials before you make a final decision. Here is everything that you know about there differences between using glass and plastic storage containers when it comes to storing your freshly brewed beer.

Advantages of Glass Beer Containers

Glass bottles have been the most popular form of storage containers for small scale home operations of beer brewing for generations. They are considerably more sturdy than other types of beer vessels and do the best job of protecting the natural flavor of the beer. Glass beer bottles do not allow any oxygen or other gases to affect the beer and allow the beer to be stored for much longer that plastic beer bottles. If you are planning on sharing your beer with your friends and family, home brewed beer looks much more appealing when it is presented in a traditional beer bottle than other forms of storage containers. Additionally, glass beer bottles are generally quite strong and are designed to be used time and time again.

Disadvantages of Glass Beer Containers

As popular as glass beer bottles may be, they also present a few pretty serious disadvantages that are worth considering. Also, many beer aficionados believe that green glass bottles in particular have a habit of imparting a skunky flavor to the beer over time. First off, glass beer bottles can become worn over time and be dangerous to use if they are not closely inspected before you store a fresh batch of beer in one. This is particularly the case with the newest glass beer containers that are on the market which are not nearly as thick as the glass bottles that many beer brewers are familiar with. If you happen to add to much sugar to a cracked or chipped glass bottle when you are fermenting the beer in the bottle itself, you are at serious risk of having an exploding bottle on your hands.

Advantages of Plastic Beer Containers

Although plastic beer containers are not too popular in some home brewing circles, they provide a number of advantages to a brewer so long as the beer is not stored in the container for too long of a period of time. For starters, plastic beer containers are considerably more affordable than glass beer containers, and many brewers have discovered that recycled two-liter soda bottles make for a decent storage container so long as they are cleaned and stored properly. These days, there are also a number of ingenious CO2 devices that are available on the market that allow a home brewer to even convert a regular plastic bottle into a draught tap.

Disadvantages of Plastic Beer Containers

Most beer lovers naturally cringe when someone mentions plastic storage containers, and this is because the disadvantages of use plastic beer bottles far outweigh the benefits in most cases. The most major problem with using plastic beer containers is that plastic is not as solid of a material as glass. Over the passage of time, carbon dioxide will actually pass through the plastic material of your storage container, and oxygen will enter. If you do not use beer that is stored in a plastic storage container soon enough, you will find that your beer has become flat and oxidized as a result. Additionally, most plastic storage containers are completely clear, allowing ultra-violet light to change the flavor of the bottle over time if the container is not stored properly. Lastly, plastic storage containers simply have a rather cheap appearance that many home brewers feel does not give the proper respect to the beer that they have spent so much time and care brewing at home.

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