Tips on Home Beer Brewing

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For less than $160, a person can be brewing their own beer in their own home any time they want. Most people would love to no longer have to buy their beer from the liquor store, and pay their high prices. Now beer can be made from the comfort of their own home. The only thing that is needed is a deluxe brewing kit from a brewing supply store. People who are new to brewing can start off with a starter kit that costs less than $75. A person will need some ingredients, equipment, and some time to make the best brewed beer.

The equipment needed:

3 Gallon Pot

A 3 gallon size pot is okay to start with, but if a person has a bigger pot it would be easier to prevent spills.

Bottle Filler

This will fit on the end of a siphon tubing. The bottle filler can usually be purchased through a home beer supplier.


This should be a floating thermometer that starts at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and goes up to 220 degrees, or a thermometer that is 0-100 C.

Fermenting Bucket

The fermenting bucket must be airtight, so it should be a plastic bucket that is big enough for five gallons, along with a lid. A person can also use a glass or plastic container, along with a brush to keep it clean and sanitized.


Five gallons of beer will make two cases of twelve bottles. A person should use a higher quality of bottle that requires a can opener to be used, and not the twist off bottles.

Bottle Capper

Hand device bottle cappers can be purchased through a home brewing supply store.

Bottle Caps

Fifty caps will be needed for a five gallon bucket of beer. These can also be purchased through a home brewing supply store.

Air Lock and Stopper

The air lock and stopper should be sized to fit the fermenter

Bottle Brush

A bottle brush will be used to clean the bottles before and after use.

Tubing and Clamp

Clamps can be purchased at a home brewing store. The tubing is for siphoning and bottling the beer. People can use a six foot section made from food grade plastic.

Sanitizing Solution

All of the equipment should be sanitized before it is used, as well as the beer bottles. Home brewing supply stores will have starsan and iodophor available for purchase, or a person can just use bleach.


Two thirds cup of corn sugar

Grocery stores or home brewing stores will have corn sugar available for purchase.

East Kent Golding Hops

2.25 ounces of pellets should be used, and any pellets remaining, should be kept inside of airtight bags and put in the freezer to store.

Six pounds of Malt Extract Pellets

The pellets of malt extract will come in three pound cans. Dry malt can be used. Many manufacturers will carry this product.


The yeast ale will be a liquid that comes in one package.

Five Stages of Brewing:

Beer Brewing

The hops and malt should both be boiled together in water for approximately sixty minutes. This will help to clean any bacteria.

Fermenting and Cooling

The wort mixture must be cooled and then siphoned to the fermenter to be added to the water, so that it can make the five gallon size. Sanitation is crucial at this stage because wort can become infected with bacteria. During the fermentation process, an airlock will need to be used so that the beer can ferment for one to two weeks.

Bottling and Priming

After the brew is fermented, it must be siphoned into a container so that it can be bottled up. This is where the corn sugar will be added to the beer as a mixture. The beer will then be siphoned into the bottles and then capped. This is where the device for the bottle capping will come in handy.


The bottles will need to be aged for two to six weeks. During this stage, the sugar will be fermented, which then produces carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is what carbonates beer to make it bubbly. Aging also gets rid of any bacteria or harmful sediments left in the beer. Aging can also enhance the taste of beer the longer it is set out to age.

Drinking the Beer

Once the beer has been properly aged it is time to taste test the beer. The best tasting beer is one that is refrigerated and then opened.

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