Types of Beer Glasses

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Beer glassware comes in various shapes and styles. Each style of glassware complements different beers and some beers even have their own specific piece of glassware. The different styles often complement the aroma and other volatiles, and some styles enhance the color and other visual aspects. This article will briefly describe some of the kinds of glassware available.

The flute glass is a glass that looks very much like a champagne glass. It has a long and narrow body that keeps the carbonation from dissipating too quickly and displays sparkling color. This type of glass is the preferred style for Belgian lambics and fruit beers. It is also used with bocks.

A Weizen glass is narrow at the bottom and slightly wider at the top. They are usually half a liter in size and are used for wheat beers. They can accommodate the large heads associated with wheat beer and their thin walls show off the color.

A snifter is a glass with a wide bowl and a stem. It is used for brandy and cognac, but is also good for strong ales. A snifter will help capture the aromas and allow swirling to agitate volatiles. It is also used for barleywines and wheat wines.

A pint glass is a cylindrical glass with a wide mouth. It comes in two sizes: sixteen ounces and twenty Imperial ounces (approximately 19.2 US ounces). The larger version is preferred for beers with large heads. Pint glasses are used for stout, porter and bitter.

A pilsner glass is a slender and tapered twelve-ounce glass. It is used for pilsner, pale lagers and many other types of light beer. This glass will highlight the color and carbonation while also maintaining the head.

Goblets and chalices have stems and large bowls. The difference between the two is the thickness of the glass. Goblets are usually thinner, and chalices have thick walls. Some chalices are etched on the bottom to help maintain the head. Goblets and chalices are used for serving Belgian ales and German bocks.

The tulip glass has a large bowl that narrows then flares back out at the top, causing it to resemble a tulip. This glass helps trap the aroma and maintain a large head. It is used for Scottish ales, Belgian ales and other aromatic beers.

A mug is a heavy, large piece of glassware that has a handle. It comes in many varieties. A mug can be used for many different kinds of beer. A well-known type of mug is the stein. It was originally made of earthenware, but is now made of glass. Souvenir and collectible steins are also made of stoneware and other materials and sometimes have a lid, which is said to have originated during the Black Plague to keep flies from getting into the beer.

A stange, which means “stick” in German, is a cylindrical glass that is tall and slender. It is used to serve delicate beers. The stange enhances malt and hop nuances.

The last glass on the list is the oversized wine glass. This glass has a stem and large bowl and is usually twenty-two ounces. It can be used instead of a tulip or goblet for serving Belgian ales.

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