What you need to Start Brewing the Perfect Beer

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Many people wonder why someone would want to go to the trouble of brewing their own beer when they could easily go to the local supermarket and buy it without all the time and trouble it takes to make it on their own. The answer is quite simple for those of us who love good beer: We love the taste of good beer, and being able to control the taste while brewing quality beer for the same price or even less only makes sense.

If you have any friends that brew beer, then you probably know how good it can be. Then there’s the satisfaction you get from making your own personal brew. One of the problems is that many people think that brewing your own beer is very expensive, especially initially. While this is the most costly part of home brewing, all the items you need can be bought for under $100 with a little effort.

The first and most important thing you will need is a stainless steel brewing kettle. As a beginner, you will not be using grains to brew for the most part, so the kettle need not be too large. Malt extracts are very simple to use (they just dissolve in water) and don’t take up room. A 12-quart kettle should work well to start off with.

Most home brewers swear by a carboy, which is a glass container used to combine wort and water for the fermentation process. An average size carboy is six gallons and comes with both a solid rubber stopper and one with a hole in it for the run off tube. If you are just starting out you can get a fermentation bucket with a top instead, which is much less expensive, but harder to keep air tight so that your beer doesn’t take on any contaminants.

After the beer is done fermenting in the carboy or the fermenting bucket, you are going to need something that lets you put it in bottles. You can get a six gallon bucket for a fairly affordable price. These come with a spigot so you can easily put your brew in bottles. There is a special siphon made for carboys that allows you to easily get your beer from the carboy to the bucket.

You will also definitely need a high-quality thermometer to check temperatures when boiling or cooling beer and adding ingredients at the right temperatures. If you want even more control over the brewing process you might want to buy a hydrometer, which allows you to check the gravities of your beer. This can help you figure out not only when your beer is done with the fermentation process, but also how much alcohol your beer has in it.

A great way to save money in the bottling process is by saving bottles from pop top beer bottles. This way you won’t have to buy bottles, which can get expensive. You will need caps and a bottle capper to finish the process of making your own beer at home.

Home brewing can be a fun and satisfying experience. Don’t get discouraged if your first couple of attempts don’t come out the way you want them to. Experimenting with different ingredients and methods will eventually get you to where you want to be with the perfect tasting brew.

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