Women Excel at Brewing Beer at Home

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If you are a home brewing enthusiast, then you probably like to always have a batch of beer brewing at any given time. The tradition of brewing beer has been with humanity for thousands of years. Back before there were major corporations that brewed most of the beer in the world, the majority of people brewed their own beer right at home. This tradition extends all the way back to the ancient cultures in Mesopotamia. Back then, beer was enjoyed in much the same manner as it is today. It was used for social functions, it was used between friends during celebratory circumstances, and it was even used to take off some of the edge after a long day’s work in the fields.

The majority of today’s home brewing enthusiasts are men. It is often assumed that women would have little or no interest in a task like this. However, this is an unfounded assumption. Throughout history, it was most likely the women who did most of the brewing. While the men were out of the house either hunting or farming, the women would stay at home to take care of the household tasks. They would take care of the children, they would keep the home clean and in good order, they would keep the clothing and blankets washed, they would take care of the daily cooking for the family, and they would even take care of the beer brewing. It was probably expected of a woman to have a nice mug of beer prepared for her husband whenever he came home from a long, hard day in the fields.

Even today, there are many women who enjoy the task of brewing beer. Most women have a reputation for preferring mixed drinks or wine to beer, but there are still quite a few of them who can hang with the guys. If you have a girlfriend or wife, then it is entirely possible that you might be able to convince her to help you with your beer brewing. If she is a fan of wine, then you could offer to teach her how to make wine along with the beer. Perhaps even you have not yet learned how to make wine. Making your own wine at home can be every bit as satisfying as making your own beer. If you don’t yet know how, then this could be a great opportunity to have an activity that you do together. There is perhaps nothing more romantic than a couple sharing a bottle of wine over a candlelit dinner from a batch of wine that they poured their own hearts and souls into.

If your wife or girlfriend is a traditional stay-at-home mother, then in all likelihood she will be absolutely delighted to help you with your home brewing responsibilities. She is probably always trying to think up new ways to please you, but she may have been a bit too timid to suggest that she help out with the beer brewing, since she knows how important it is to you. It’s possible that she is simply afraid that she will make a mistake and produce a bad batch, which would displease you. An appropriate amount of reassurance in this instance can set her mind at ease. Simply explain to her that everyone makes mistakes when it comes to brewing beer; it will be no big deal if she makes some mistakes herself. You can explain that even you made some mistakes your first few times, which resulted in some extremely terrible batches of beer. If millions of women throughout history have been able to produce beer for their families and for their husbands, then there is no doubt that yours will be able to do it just as well. Once she is more comfortable with the process, don’t be surprised if she begins to produce batches of beer that are even better than yours.

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