Choosing the Best Wine Making Yeast

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Those who truly aspire to brew their own wine at home need know that it is essential to have wine making yeast, whether they are producing wine for home usage or whether making it for a large estate that intends to produce wine on a commercial level – though the latter would only apply were the person suitably trained for the position, of course. Because this is such an essential ingredient, it is vital that one chooses yeast that is of the best quality for the process of wine brewing.

What exactly does yeast do within the process of brewing wine? To put it in really simple terms, it creates alcohol. This ingredient, as anybody should know, is the main difference between grape juice and fine wine.

Yeast and Wine Making
In order to make wine, it is necessary to combine grapes with water, sugar and yeast, sometimes including a few other ingredients, depending. Fermentation begins to take place upon the reaction of the sugar and the yeast, which is what makes the whole batch look similar to that of a frothy brew by witches. The science behind it makes it seem as if though it is a bit of a strange process, considering this process causes the sugar to not be as sweet as it usually is. It is for this reason that wine, regardless of the type, whether it is extra dry (or brut), dry, semi-sweet or sweet, will always require sugar in order to make it taste good. In order for wine to come out with a good flavor, every gallon of produced wine should come with two pounds of sugar, which will wind up with a wine that comes with a 10 percent alcohol content, give or take.

When in search for a batch of yeast, it will quickly become obvious that different types exist for different kinds of applications. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the most common species from which yeast will derive, though this is also a common type of species used to make the yeast that makes bread, whisky, beer and other similar mediums. Keep in mind that the yeast that is typically used to make bread, whisky, beer and other similar mediums is not the kind of yeast that can be used when brewing a batch of wine.

Therefore, it cannot be a matter of simply wandering to the local grocery store and asking an employee to locate some “yeast.” It does indeed actually require the correct kind of yeast and, for that matter, it is required to be a decent quality. Otherwise, there is absolutely no chance of ever procuring a good, flavorful and drinkable wine for the home, and in that case, one might as well just go to the local grocery store and ask an employee to grab a bottle from the shelf.

Dry Versus Wet
For the most part, people who enjoy brewing wine at home tend to use dried yeast when they choose to brew their wine. However, it is possible to find and use liquid yeast instead. The end result will be the yeast performing the same job at a much faster rate, and there are many people who would be willing to say that it does it at a much more efficient rate.

Buying a wine making kit will probably yield dry yeast in its stash, but this is nothing to worry over. In order to manually activate a batch of dry yeast, all that is required is adding in some warm water prior to including it to the sugar, grape and water froth mixture. Those who are truly serious, or aspire to become truly serious, with regards to making a good batch of wine will quickly find out for themselves which kind of yeast for wine making will work the best for them. Either way, it is certain to produce a flavorful bounty of good wine.

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