Get The Most Out of Wine Tasting

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Get The Most Out of Wine TastingWhether you are hosting a party at home and sampling different wines with friends or if you are attending a formal wine tasting at a fancy vineyard, you want to make sure that you get the most from the experience. Not only can wine tastings be a lot of fun, but they are a great way to learn more about the different types of wines that are available. You might also find a new favorite during your tasting, so make sure to make the best of it.

Get Ready To Have Fun

If you are intimidated or worried about your wine tasting, you shouldn’t be. There is no reason to worry about tasting the wine wrong or looking silly in front of others who might know more about wine than you do. The whole idea of a wine tasting is to have fun while experiencing different wines, so prepare yourself for a day or evening of fun, and push all of your worries out of your head.

Never Underestimate The First Sniff

If you have ever seen people swirl their wine around their glass and carefully sniffing it, you might not have understood what they were doing. However, this first sniff is an important part of any wine tasting. In order to get the full aroma and therefore the full experience of the wine that you are tasting, you should first gently swirl your wine around in your glass; this helps to aerate the wine. Next, carefully sniff it and bring in the aroma. You would actually be surprised by how wonderfully scented many wines are, and different types of wine often have significantly different aromas.

Take Your First Sip

After sniffing your wine, take one nice sip. This first sip should mix with the aroma that you are smelling to create a full tasting experience. However, you should not judge the wine by the very first sip; your taste buds might be affected by something that you ate earlier in the day. One great way to get the full effect of this first sip is to gently swish it around your mouth in the same way that you would swish mouthwash. Although this might seem a bit rude, it is actually very common at wine tastings. Since your mouth is full of taste receptors, doing this will allow you to enjoy the full flavor of the wine.

Sip and Breathe

It will take your second sip in order for you to realize whether you like the wine that you are tasting or not. After swallowing your first sip, simply take another sip as you normally would. After you have swallowed, breathe in through your mouth before exhaling out of your nose. This will help you to get the full effect of both the taste and aroma of the wine, and it should help you to determine whether you like the wine or not.

Keep On Tasting

After you have tasted your first wine in this manner, you should have it down pat. Now it is time to really get to work tasting the different wines that are available; simply follow this method with each one until you find a favorite.

One common mistake that many people make when tasting wines is to rinse out their glass between different types of wine. Doing so will actually affect the taste of the wine because it will change the pH balance of the wine. Instead, make sure to drink or dump the last of each wine out before trying a new one. When switching between reds and whites, it is usually acceptable to ask for a new glass.

Once you have learned how to try wine like a pro, you are sure to find a new favorite. Make sure to bring home a bottle or two of your favorite wine so that you can enjoy it later, and don’t hesitate to visit future wine tastings in order to find even more delicious wines.

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