How to Make a Sparkling Mead the Easy Way

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Mead is a type of alcoholic beverage that can be made from water and honey, by way of fermentation with yeast. It is a favored sort of alcoholic beverage which can be a nice change of pace from the typical kinds of wines that are served at dinners. This can make it a nice treat on special occasions, normally proving to be a sweet treat over the holidays.

Because mead is a type of wine, it can be made in a sparkling manner. For a long while, making sparkling mead has been a difficult, complex task, though in recent times, a way was found to make it that actually requires very little effort. This article aims to show home brewers the simplest way to brew some good old fashioned sparkling mead.

In essence, sparkling mead is relatively identical to any other sort of sparkling wine for one reason: it is a kind of wine which continues the process of fermentation directly within the bottle itself. This additional process of fermentation allows a larger amount of gasses to build up within the liquid enclosed in the wine bottle. This extra gas that builds up is the reason that champagne bottles make that loud, familiar sounding pop when opened for the first time, and is also the reason that several tiny bubbles flow in the liquid.

Many different ways exist to brew sparkling mead, just as several different ways exist to make any other kind of sparkling wine. As previously stated, it can be a complex process considering the different guidelines that recipes maintain and the restraints existent as far as yeasts are concerned. Other such matters can complicate the process, such as temperature of storage, the rotation of bottles and how long one ferments the brew. However, this article is presented to the home brewer so that there are no such complications included.

Start by making a five gallon batch of mead as normal. When reaching the bottling step, before actually putting the brew into the bottles, take two thirds of a cup of honey and place it into the carboy. Gently stir the mixture together and once it reaches a homogeneous state, then it can be bottled. This is the entire process necessary to make the mead sparkle in the end. The extra honey that is added causes a reaction, which causes another ferment in the bottles, allowing the champagne to pop and bubble, just like any other kind of champagne.

By adding the smallest bit of honey to the mead is the only thing that is necessary in order to create additional fermenting and is therefore the only process change that is necessary in making regular mead. However, a few things are necessary to keep in mind when making this change in the recipe. For one, this extra process of fermentation that takes place within the bottle will cause a significantly larger amount of pressure than normal, which means that under no circumstances should regular bottles and corks be used for this sparkling mead brew.

For this process, it is necessary to put the sparkling mead in champagne bottles, champagne corks and wire hoods. In essence, for this kind of champagne, truly champagne materials will be necessary. These kinds of bottles are thicker than regular bottles and the corks come with more reliability. As for the wire hoods, these are used for added safety features. Choosing to use normal equipment for regular wine making, a home brewer runs a very serious risk of not only having the corks pop on their own, but of the bottles exploding from the pressure. Not only can this cause a mess at the very least, but this can be a very dangerous occurrence. For this reason, it is necessary to spend the extra couple of dollars; it will be all well worth it in the end.

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