Labeling Your Own Wine

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Many people enjoy making their own wine. They are as passionate about the vinification process as they are about tasting the end result, yet when it comes to the label, some people just slap an ugly piece of masking tape on the bottle to identify it. After all the time and hard work involved in creating the wine, the finished product deserves a label worthy of the ambrosial contents. Whether the wine is for personal consumption, a gift for a friend or for sale to a local shop, it should have a proper label. Without a label, it is just another bottle of homemade wine.

The labels can be printed off of a home computer, you can hire someone to make them or you can order them online. It all depends on how creative you are, how detailed the label will be and the budget. When printing and making labels on your own, it is best to use peel and stick labels or paper that has a gummed back. You can purchase a program to use with your home computer, but these days it is very simple and affordable to find a site online to use, even for those who consider themselves computer illiterate. Most sites have templates to follow with sample pictures to choose from or the option to add your own picture. You then type in the text and whatever else you want on the label. When you are completely satisfied with the results, you simply print them from your own computer or they will send them to you.

An effective label will entice someone to pick up the wine bottle for further observation. The label should include the name of the company, the variety and type of wine, a detailed description of the wine, favorable food pairings and possibly a picture. The front of the bottle should have the name of the company. In the case of homemade wine, the company is often the name of a city or town, the family name or a name that is created. It is a good idea to put some real thought into what the name should be since it will be representing you and your wine. This will be your brand and it will go on all of your future bottles of wine, regardless of the type or variety.

On the front of the label, underneath the company name, is a good place to position the identity of the variety of wine that is in this particular batch. For those who choose to incorporate a picture, some ideas include things like your house, pet, family photo or a scene from your town. Some people prefer to use clip art or draw their own picture or logo. There can be a large picture on the front of the label and then a smaller version on the back. The back of the bottle is typically the place to find a detailed description of the wine. This will be your description of the notes, flavors and aromas of the wine, as well as the best foods pairings. It should generate interest and create a level of anticipation to actually taste the wine.

A well-made label adds a level of prestige to even the simplest bottle. Little details that seem unimportant can really make a major impact. Things like the colors used for the lettering, the font of the text and the size of the logo in relation to the text all need to look cohesive and uniform. A decorative and colorful border around the edge of the label is a nice touch. It is up to you whether you want your label to be stately, refined, humorous or quirky. So uncork your creativity and create a label that adequately represents your wine. It will, without doubt, be appreciated by your fellow wine hobbyists and wine connoisseurs.

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