Make Your Own Rice Wine in 8 Easy Steps

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make your own rice wineIf you love rice wine you would probably like to have it around more often, but chances are you only get to enjoy it when you go out to eat. Amazingly, it is possible to make your own rice wine with very little effort in just a couple of hours by following the easy steps below.

The ingredients and supplies needed are simple to find and very affordable. Go to any decent grocery store and buy a Chinese yeast ball, 4 cups of raw glutinous rice, cheese cloth, a rice steamer, a cookie sheet, a large plastic container with an airtight lid, a large pot, all-purpose flour, and a sealable wine bottle.

Step 1: Take the 4 cups of raw glutinous rice and place them in the large pot with enough hot tap water to cover them. Let the rice soak for approximately one hour.

Step 2: Drain the rice and place it in the rice steamer for about 20-25 minutes. If you don’t have a rice steamer, you can use a colander in your large pot with about two inches of boiling water.

Step 3: When the rice is done steaming take it out of the steamer and place it on the cookie sheet. Stir it occasionally and let it cool down for the next two hours.

Step 4: While the rice is cooling down on the cookie sheet, grind down 1/4 of the yeast ball into powder. Take a small bowl and mix a teaspoon of the flour with the yeast. Make sure you combine these ingredients well.

Step 5: Take your cooled rice (make sure it is completely cooled down) and mix it well with your yeast and flour combination in a large bowl.

Step 6: Transfer the rice and yeast/flour combination into your large plastic container. This is where your ingredients will ferment, becoming rice wine over time. The Yeast reacts with the rice, becoming a delicious beverage over the course of about 30 days. Store the plastic container in a place where there is low humidity but warm temperatures.

Step 7: After 30 days have gone by, it is time for the next step. Take the cheese cloth and spread it over a large container of some sort. Take your rice wine mixture and pour it over the cheese cloth in order to separate the rice from the liquid, which is now rice wine.

Step 8: Use some sort of funnel to transfer the wine from the large bowl or container into the bottle you will be using to store the wine.

Now you have made your first bottle of rice wine. All you need to do now is wait for the right occasion to pop the bottle and enjoy the wine in the comfort of your own home. There is no reason to go out and pay a lot of money for rice wine since you now know how to make your own affordably and easily.

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