Rack ’em Up! Wine Racks For Every Need

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When gearing up to purchase a wine rack, consider the type of wine enthusiast you are. Some oenophiles keep a well-stocked, temperature-controlled cellar specially designed to main fine vintages under precise conditions to preserve their quality over time. Other wine connoisseurs keep a moderate-sized collection of fewer than 60 bottles. The vast majority of wine lovers keep a smaller number of bottles on hand, to enjoy with friends and family.

Regardless of the size or quality of your wine collection, a proper wine storage system is essential. All wine racks should keep the cork moist. For this reason all wine racks store bottles in a horizontal fashion. If the cork dries out, air can reach the wine, causing it to oxidize and degrade. The ideal temperature for wine storage is around 55 degrees, but a few degrees warmer or cooler is also acceptable. White wines can be stored in the same rack as red wines; they just need to be chilled before serving.

If you have a very large collection of fine wines, including rare vintages and expensive bottles, you will naturally want an excellent wine storage system to preserve the value of your investment. There are many wine rack options for large collections. Standard wooden racks are typically made of a rot- and moisture-resistant wood such as mahogany, redwood, or ponderosa pine. These racks may be joined together into tall units holding up to 18 bottles vertically. Corner units are available as well. The nice thing about these racks is that they can be tailored to your specific wine cellar, creating a custom look. Diamond bins are another popular wine storage system. Wine bottles stored in diamond bins are stacked directly on each other, rather than in individual cubbies. The advantage of this storage system is its capacity. You can store more bottles in a smaller space using a diamond bin wine rack. These racks are also modular and can be arranged to optimize your wine cellar space.

For a mid-size wine collection, or a growing collection, modular scalloped racks are a great option. Scalloped racks feature curved indentations that cradle each wine bottle. Each modular unit holds one row of bottles, typically accommodating between six and ten bottles. Scalloped units can be stacked row upon row, up to the desired height or as many as 12 rows high. Using this system, your storage system can expand as your wine collection grows. For a more modern, dramatic look, try a wall-mounted metal rack. These sturdy racks can hold dozens of bottles, and allow for better viewing of bottles.

For wine lovers who keep less wine on hand, a practical wine storage solution can be a rack that doubles as a small side table. These racks hold about two dozen bottles, and have the advantage of providing a place to decant and serve with wine from as well. Some models even come with an area to hang wine glasses or store barware, making a compact wine center. Decorative table- or counter-top wine racks are an elegant touch for kitchen, dining room, or bar. These smaller racks hold only a dozen bottles or so, but are an attractive functional way to store small quantities of wine. In endless styles, from rustic wood, to modern lacquered pieces, to wrought iron, a table top wine rack is a beautiful home accent.

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