Repurpose Wine Bottles & Corks

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Are you a wine-lover who has lots of extra wine bottles and corks lying around? Do you want to recycle them, but are not sure how to do so? Look no further. There are a lot of great ways to recycle both wine bottles and corks. Below are some unique and fun ideas for repurposing all those bottles in creative ways.

Candlestick Holders
Wine bottles make for a very romantic setting if you stick candles in them and let the wax roll down. They are often the perfect size for traditional candle sticks, and are usually great at reflecting the candle’s light in different colors. They are sturdy and will not likely tip over. Reuse them over and over with different colored candles for an even more colorful display. Even after the candles have been burned, the waxy bottles can serve as a nice decoration or centerpiece at your next dinner party.

Water your Garden
Refill old wine bottles with water and leave them in your garden for watering your plants and vegetables. They are usually more attractive than your standard watering can, and can also add some sparkle to your gardening supplies. You can cork them if you are worried about them spilling, or leave them uncorked for easy access. Be sure to rinse them out well before watering your plants.

Flower Up your Bottles
One way to creatively use your bottles is to use them as vases. Rinse the bottles well, fill with water, and stick the stems in! If you would prefer the bottles to be more decorative, you can use spray paint or contact paper to wrap around all or part of the bottle for effect and a more festive feel. Wine bottles are a cheap way to spruce up any dinner party with some eclectic vases.

Collect Bacon Grease
Glass containers are great for collecting bacon grease. Using a metal funnel, you can pour the grease into the bottle, and then cork it up so that the smell is contained. Use it over and over so that the grease stays out of your pipes and in a confined place.

Corks, Corks, and More Corks
There are lots of uses for those extra corks that you have sitting around. One way is to create a literal “cork board” by filling the wooden frame of the back of a painting canvas with corks. Use a hot glue gun to adhere them to the canvas material and wooden frame, and use thumb tacks or push pins to stick photos, invitations, or recipes to them in your kitchen. This also works on a smaller scale to use for a trivet in your kitchen on which you can set hot pots or casserole dishes. Corks can also be used to safely hold thumb tacks, push pins, or sewing pins so that they do not poke you when floating around in a junk drawer.

Another way to use corks is to make a wreath that’s not just for christmas. Cork wreaths are good any time of year. You can buy a styrofoam wreath at a local arts store, and use either hot glue or wire to adhere the corks around it so that it makes a wreath. Tie seasonal ribbon around it for added effect and year round decoration.

There are lots of creative ways to use your used wine bottles and corks. Crafts such as these are often more fun after having had a couple of glasses of wine, so open up a bottle, get your supplies out and go to work! Be Creative!

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