Wine Cellar Racks – The Inexpensive and Best Method for Storing Wine

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Wine enthusiasts know that properly storing their bottles is essential to preserve the original flavor and quality of the wine. A wine cellar rack is an excellent way to do this, and it allows the person to have a professional wine cellar right in their own home. They can be stacked or mounted and are available in a wide variety of sizes. The number of bottles in a person’s collection will influence what size they need to purchase, as larger models can hold up to 300 bottles. Wine cellar racks can also be customized to meet the wine storage needs of any enthusiast, so they make a perfect choice for wine storage.

Most wine cellar racks are made from wood, but there are also many models that are made from metal, as well. When choosing a rack it is essential to look carefully at the construction of the rack. A wooden rack will be more stable by screwing the horizontal stabilizer bar and the bottle holders into the vertical bars.

It is also crucial to examine the thickness of the wood before making a purchase. Many online retailers of wine cellar racks use ½ inch wood. This is acceptable if the rack is only going to be used lightly for a couple of years. For a more long term solution for wine storing needs, wood with ¾ inch thickness is desirable. Gluing, screwing, and nailing pieces together will also help to ensure maximum stability. Wine cellar racks made from inferior woods are often fairly cheap, but they are less durable, so spending the extra money for a product that will be reliable is sometimes a better option.

The price of a wine cellar rack is usually determined by the materials that it is made from and the number of bottles it can hold. At the E-Wine Racks website, one of the most inexpensive options is a six bottle wall mounted wine bar wall rack. It displays six bottles of wine and eight wine glasses, and it can be mounted to any wall. This wine cellar rack is both a functional and beautiful decorative piece. It can also be purchased for under $40.

The Wooden Octagonal Wine Rack is another popular rack from the E-Wine Racks store.. This option has either a 12 or 40 bottle design, and it is made from solid hardwood. Also, the customer can choose from a variety of finishes, so that they can obtain the color that they desire. This rack requires some assembly, but it is worth it for the $60 price tag.

In order to keep the wine in proper drinking condition, it is essential to store it properly. Wine racks are most effective when they are used in a room that is controlled for both temperature and humidity. They should also be kept away from sunlight and anything that can produce vibrations. Not only can these factors damage the bottle or the rack, but the quality of the wine itself can also be reduced.

The wine bottles themselves also need to be stored properly so that the original flavor of the wine can be preserved. It is best for wine bottles to be stored on their sides, and wine cellar racks allow for them to be stacked individually or in groups. The sediments that settle over time distribute themselves evenly thought the wine bottle when kept on its side. The use of a rack also helps to preserve the cork, as the wine is constantly contacting the cork, which keeps it moist. This also prevents the cork from shrinking, which could allow air into the bottle and damage the quality of the wine. Wine cellar racks are an ideal way to store wine. They are especially effective, if a person has a large number of bottles.

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