Wine Making Instructions for Beginners

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Wine is one of the most well loved beverages on the planet. It has been a favorite of both common folk and kings for hundreds of years. Wine comes in many varieties which can be made from various from of grapes and other ingredients. If you are interested in making your own wine, here are a few wine making tips to get you started.

You will need some basic equipment to get started making your own wine. You can find this equipment online at wine making retailers. Look for the highest quality equipment that you can afford. If you cut costs on your equipment, your wine making will suffer for it.


Wine Kit, concentrate or grapes
Empty bottles
Oak powder
Tubing Siphon

Here are some basic wine making instructions for beginners.

1. Thoroughly clean and rinse all parts of your wine making equipement.
2. Use your kit in a room that is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Press your raw fruit and strain out the skins, unless you are using red grapes. If you are using red grapes, leave the skin on.
4. Pour your kit ingredients into your primary fermenter.
5. Stir in the starter from your kit.
6. Add in the kit flavoring if you have it.
7. Add more water, following the instructions on your kit.
8. Check the temperature. It should be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
9. Add in the yeast by sprinkling it on top.
10. Seal the container and allow the mixture to ferment for about one week.
11. Siphon the wine into your carboy.
12. If you are using oak chips, toss them in.
13. Fill the carboy with water and let the mixture sit for around 12 days.
14. Siphon off your wine and stir many times throughout the next day.
15. Add any other ingredients and fill the carboy with water again. Allow the mixture to sit for another 10 days.
16. Siphon the wine off and filter it.
17. Bottle the wine and cork it.
18. Label your creation.

You may have to make several batches of wine before you get the hang of the wine making process. Remember, you can use a variety of fruits in your wine, such as peaches or blueberries. You do not always have to use grapes.

There are many online label making programs that you can use to make labels for your wine bottles. You can even create your own logo or brand for the wine. Be creative with the use of graphics and try making a few different labels to find the one you like the best. They will look a little different once you get them on the wine bottles themselves.

You can find many different wine making kits at online retailers. Check review sites to read other’s opinions about the quality of the wine kits before you decide on which one to purchase. Once you have created a few batches of wine and you have improved on the quality, you will be able to serve it to friends and family at home dinners. One of the greatest joys of wine making is sharing your delicious creations with the ones you love.

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