Add Mulling Spices To Your Mead For A Special Holiday Treat

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Add Mulling Spices To Your Mead For A Special Holiday TreatMulling spices are added to holiday drinks to help warm up the body and enjoy a spark of flavor. While mulling spices are commonly used in non-alcoholic drinks like apple cider, it is possible to create a holiday treat by adding the spices to homemade mead. This traditional holiday drink adds a burst of flavor to the mead and makes the drink more interesting during the holiday celebration.

Understanding Mulling:

Before it is possible to actually add mulling spices to your mead, it is important to understand what mulling means. The process of mulling is about adding certain combinations of spices to a warmed up beverage. It is commonly used in the creation of mulled apple cider, wine and mead during the holiday season.

Spices that are commonly mixed together for mulling include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and star anise. Some mixtures also add fruit peels to create a fruity flavor along with the sweet spiced flavor, but the particular fruit peel differs between mixtures of spices.

As the beverage warms up, the spices are infused with the drink to add a slightly sweet and spicy bite to the mead. The addition of fruit peels like orange rind or apple peel will create a sweeter taste while a mixture of spices without the fruit will make a spicier mead.

Process of Mulling Mead:

Adding mulling spices to mead is a very simple process that will leave holiday guests impressed with the final outcome. This traditional holiday pours the mead into a sauce pan while it is still cool.

Tea bags of spice mixtures or the spices directly wrapped in cheese cloth or similar tea-making solutions is added to the mead in the pan. After the spices are added, the stove is turned on and the mead is heated.

The process of heating takes only a few minutes. The mead should warm up and get hot, but it should not start boiling. If it boils, the flavor of the mead is reduced and the spices become too strong.

Heat the mead until it is comfortably warm and then remove the holiday drink from the stove. Pour the mulled mead into glasses and serve while hot.

Variations in Flavors:

After learning the basic process of mulling the mead for holiday drinks, it is possible to create a variety of flavors. The mulling spices are not always the same spices, fruit peels or mixtures of amounts, which makes it easy to create different flavors or create a custom mulled mead drink based on personal tastes.

The first variation is alternating between different fruit peels in the spice mixture and removing the fruit entirely. The fruit is not a necessary part of the mulling process, but it can create a slightly sweeter mead. Try the mead with orange rind, apple peels and no fruit to determine the preferred taste in the mead.

The next variation in flavor is adjusting the different spice contents. Those who want a slightly sweeter mead without the fruity flavor might opt to increase the amount of nutmeg while decreasing the cloves. For a slightly spicier taste, add more clove and allspice to the mixture. Increasing the amount of cinnamon will create a hotter flavor that is intensified with the cloves.

Any preferred mulled mead flavor is possible to create for a holiday treat with a little adjustment of spices and fruit peels. By making a few changes or using different mulling spice mixtures sold in stores, the holiday mead will always come out surprising to guests.

Adding mulling spices to mead for a traditional holiday treat is not a challenging process. It is similar to making tea on a stove, but stops the heating process before the mead begins to boil. The warm and spicy drink is a treat for the holiday season that will warm up guests at holiday celebrations and provide a little tradition to the event.

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