Add Mulling Spices to Your Mead for a Special Holiday Treat

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Mulling Spices Have Been Adding Flavor to Drinks for Centuries

Mulling is the ancient method of infusing spices into beverages like Mead, apple cider, punch, and other local favorite drink concoctions. The typical spices used in this process are cloves, nutmeg, allspice, star anise, and cinnamon, plus various fruit peels like orange, apple, and lemon are also used in the process. Mulling is a fantastic way to add warmth to holiday gatherings or to add a little drinkable zest to special social functions.

The Vikings used mulling spices to beef up the flavor of their Mead over twelve hundred years ago. Mead is a wine made from honey instead of grapes. This special alcoholic drink was enjoyed at temple ceremonies or Nordic feasts as well as after a conquest of some kind. The custom of adding spices to a variety of home made brews has never lost its attractiveness since enhancing the flavor of any drink is a ritual that is embedded into our social behavior. The ancient seafarers and explorers found exotic spices in foreign lands and added them to their Mead. Adding spices to homemade Mead and other drinks is still popular today although there’s no need to travel the seas to find the spices that can add intense as well as full bodied taste to any drink.

Mulling Spices Are Available Online and in Retail Stores

Mulling spices can be found everywhere these days. Spices are packaged in large quantities or they can be sold in individually wrapped tea bags. Making a batch of mulling spices is an easy process. Mixing an equal amount of spices with half the amount of nutmeg can produce some exciting flavors. When cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves are mixed with lemon or orange peels and then a little nutmeg is added, Mead can be a perfect holiday treat. There’s nothing better than honey wine mixed with spices to lift the spirits and turn on the holiday charm.

Prepare Mead with Mulling Spices a Few Weeks Ahead of Time

Even though the process of making Mead usually takes three months to a year before it’s drinkable a holiday brew of Mead and Spices can be made about two weeks before a holiday gathering. This quick Mead making process in not an instant recipe, but it is the next best thing to making Mead the traditional way if a batch is needed in a hurry.
The ingredients you need to start this quick Mead making process are:

  • A bottle of cheap white wine
  • 1 pound of honey
  • 1 or 2 cloves
  • A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg

Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Put the wine and honey into a pot and begin to heat it gently. Stir frequently until a thick unattractive scum forms on the top
  • Get rid of the scum
  • Pout the remaining liquid into the original wine bottle. It will fit because the volume of the scum is equal to the volume of the honey
  • Cap it and let it sit in a cool dark place for two weeks
  • The longer it sits the stronger it gets

Beverages like eggnog, apple cider, and punch are great for any holiday occasion, but Mead with mulling spices will warm guests and give them something to talk about. It’s a great alternative to holiday drinks that can be boring and tasteless after one glass. The Vikings knew what they were doing so they enjoyed spiced Mead before, during, and after a holiday feast or after a battle. They called it “the nectar of the gods” and in one respect that nectar became a god itself.

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