Honey Wine Mead is the Perfect Drink For Valentine’s Day

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One of the most important reasons that honey wine mead is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day is that mead, like love, has been around for a long, long time. In fact, mead has been dubbed “the ancestor of all fermented drinks.” Mead has been documented to have been brewed for over nine thousand years, even before the advent of soil cultivation. Love has been around awhile longer, ever since there were beings to feel it.

The principal ingredient in mead is honey, and alone of all foodstuffs, honey is the only one that does not spoil. Those lucky enough to find true love can attest that love stays as fresh and pure as the day it was first tasted. It continues to nourish lovers, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as the years go by.

Honey wine mead is, as anthropologists say, independently multicultural. This means that people all over the world, from China to South America to Britain and myriad points in between, discovered mead and made it an important part of their cultures without the benefit of shared knowledge with anyone else. So it is with love; it awaits discovery by everyone and anyone.

In several cultures, for example the Persians, Germans, and English, mead figured very prominently in their wedding ceremonies. In fact, the word “Honeymoon”, dating from the Anglo-Saxon era in England, originates from the custom of the bride’s father gifting his daughter and new son-in-law with enough mead for a month-long celebration for the happy couple.

In the time of Beowulf, mead also figured prominently at the party after the wedding. The first toast of honey mead wine was given to the Gods. Subsequent toasts featured vows, oaths, boast, story telling, and song. Doesn’t sound that much different from today’s large family weddings, does it?

In Europe, it was believed that mead would help to promote the birth of male children. The Zoroastrians of ancient Iran felt that “excellent and righteous sons” were granted by the consumption of mead. Modern Science has confirmed these beliefs: a diet rich in honey can alter a woman’s Ph balance enough to provide the favorable bodily conditions for the conception of male children.

Beowulf also tells us that during non-festive times, among the nobility, the first round of mead was served by the noble wife to her husband. This was an important duty for the woman, and burial sites show that not just gold jewelry found in the grave, but the objects used for the serving of the mead. The first toast from the wife to her husband was a loving one, wishing that “he be blythe”. What lover does not wish such happiness on their beloved?

Another very good reason to drink honey wine mead at Valentine’s Day is the International Mead Festival, which, fittingly enough, is held every year on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day. It is always held in or around beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Both professional and home brewed meads are judged.

Boulder, Colorado, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, is “the city nestled between the mountains and reality”. Nature, culture, and urban hipness sit side by side, with grand old Victorian hotels and new chain hotels that do their best to look Victorian with “quirky antiques” and “panoramic mountain views”.

St Valentine’s Day lovers can attend the Festival during the weekend, and enjoy “independent boutique hotel” luxury at the same time. A romantic horse drawn carriage ride to a romantic hotel room with “big beds and high ceilings” where a bottle of handcrafted honey mead wine can be shared by the lovers sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.

Whether lovers are lucky enough to attend the International Mead Festival in Boulder, or are staying at home or at their favorite bed and breakfast with a home brewed or boughten bottle, all can agree that honey wine mead is absolutely the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day.

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