Matching Up Fiery Food With Cold Beer

For years, wine-lovers have prattled on to the annoyance of mere mortals about wine-food pairings. There is a similar art to pairing beers with food dishes in general, matching foods with varieties of beer such as India Pale Ales (IPAs), ambers, and wheat beers. Just as with wine pairing, beer pairing plays on easily predicted interactions between food flavors and beer characteristics. … [Read more...]

Home Brewing System – What Home Brewing Equipment Do You Need?

There exist many different products on the market for home brewers. While some are vital, there are some that are frivolous, just as with any hobby. When starting off with the home brew hobby in particular, it is not generally necessary to get all of the necessary equipment all at once. In fact, there are a number of instruments that a beginning home brewer does not really need at the start. … [Read more...]

All about BBQ Rubs and Mop Sauces

One of the most popular and easy ways to add flavor to bbq meats is to prepare your protein using a dry rub and basting your meat with a nice mop sauce during cooking. BBQ dry rubs are a combination of dried spices that are applied to the meat before being cooked. These spices can take a variety of flavors and can contain anything from spicy heat such as cayenne pepper to the smokiness of cumin. … [Read more...]

Things To Consider Before Brewing Your Own Wine

Winemaking can be one of the more satisfying and unique hobbies. While other guests bring commercial wines and fruitcake, someone who brings their own homemade wine will be the talk of the party. … [Read more...]