Mead: Wine From Honey

What is Mead?  Basically, Mead is wine made from honey.  Mead is a great first project for a novice wine-maker because it is made from only a few ingredients and the process is simple. … [Read more...]

Make your Own Liquor: Unusual and Traditional recipes

If you want to give your guests something out of the ordinary, why not make your own liquor? These delicious recipes can be brought out at celebrations and dinner parties to give your entertaining a memorable twist. … [Read more...]

Milwaukee and its Claim to Fame with Beer

Once upon a time Milwaukee was touted as the “Beer Capital of the World.”  A variety of reasons may have led to this select distinction among all of the other major beer producing cities.  Certainly among the reasons is the simple fact that Milwaukee produced excellent tasting beer. … [Read more...]

Oddball Wines for Eccentric Tastes

Finding that sophisticated wine with the right bouquet to accompany your dinner party may seem like an overwhelming challenge with the abundance of elegant wines on the market today.  Often as not, these top shelf varieties, with their pleasing pedigrees, can be a bit stuffy.  Consider choosing something slightly more eccentric, some elixir with more personality for your next event!  The following article details some eccentric wine choices that are not to be missed. … [Read more...]