Getting the Most From Any Recipe When Brewing Pumpkin Beer

When autumn leaves turn to shades of gold and the nights bring a chill, thoughts rightly turn to a fully satisfying pumpkin beer. This mild ale or lager traditionally offers slightly spicy indulgence with notes of ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice. Subtle hints of pumpkin pie are kindled in the depths of finely crafted pumpkin beer. Rounded out with rich mouth-feel and easy going malty undertones, it becomes a beer to remember. Regardless of which recipe is chosen, these steps and tips can … [Read more...]

Wine Toasting

Enjoying wine for a special occasion or at an event often results in making toasts. By understanding the history behind toasting and learning the basic etiquette involved in making a toast at different occasions, the mystery behind the act is easily cleared up. Wine toasting has a long history that makes it a traditional part of any formal event. … [Read more...]

Bad Wine: Signs of Heat Damage

Heat damage can be disastrous for wine and will mostly likely ruin the bottle. Imagine coming home planning on enjoying a nice bottle of wine, only to find that the cap has been pushed off the top of the bottle, the wine itself taste terrible, and worst of all it has leaked everywhere and made a mess. When exposed to extreme temperatures, this can happen very quickly to a bottle of wine. Even if temperatures are not extreme, too much heat will damage your wine over time. Here are some warning … [Read more...]

Red Wine and Food Pairings

For those new to drinking red wine, you may be surprised to learn that there are certain foods that go with the wine you are drinking. For experienced red wine drinkers, you may know that there are foods that go with what you are drinking, but not know what exactly they are. Matching food and wine has been done for centuries and is a common practice in cultures all over the world. … [Read more...]