Choosing A Sanitizer For Beer Brewing

Working on brewing beer at home is not only about the enjoyment of the finished product. It is also about properly sanitizing equipment before and after creating the beer. Sanitation is one of the most important steps in home brewing because of the fermentation process involved in making beer. … [Read more...]

Fermenting Beer Using Airlocks

There are many people out there that love beer, just like I do. It is a beverage that can loosen up the tense muscles in your body after a long day at work. When attending a bash or partying in the club, beer is a major part of the menu. At times, buying beer might seem an arduous task for me. This occurs when am broke or just tired of walking to the pub to get a drink. … [Read more...]

How to Choose Yeast for Your Home-Brewed Beer

The type of yeast used in brewing beer will define the character of the beer and create your unique signature. With more than 500 various strains of yeast available, the task of choosing one can be somewhat daunting, but if you know some basic qualities of yeast it will help you in choosing the right ones. Things to consider when choosing yeasts are flocculation, flavor and aroma, production of fermentation bi-products, attenuation, and rate of fermentation. … [Read more...]

How To Make Beer And Avoid Bottle Bombs

From rich, full lagers, to light beers that accentuate the unmistakable taste of smooth hops, beer is one of the world's great pleasures. Savoring the taste of an exceptional beer is always enjoyable, but there is something remarkably unique about sipping a homemade beer. Making beer at home can be a fun pastime, with home brewers able to easily experiment with different flavor profiles and aromas. Of course, it is essential to pay close attention to detail, in order to produce great-tasting … [Read more...]