Advantages of Owning a Kegerator

As beer lovers become more informed about the drink they love to consume, they also become pickier about its quality. One way to ensure the excellence of beer is to drink it from a keg as opposed to bottles or cans. Beer on tap is fresher and better tasting, as any true fan of the malty beverage can attest to. Lately, an invention called a kegerator has been growing in popularity. … [Read more...]

Using QR Codes on Wine Bottles

In the age of smart - phones, QR codes were a logical invention to aid in the communication of information. They can be found on fliers, products, labels, and more. … [Read more...]

Around the World: Warm Weather Grape Vines Suitable for Every Winery

Getting started with a winery is a monumental task. From buying property to hiring staff, winery work is never done. When it comes to creating the perfect wine, winery owners have to carefully select the best grapes. A grape that thrives in cold weather will wither away in a warmer client. For warmer climates, choose a grape created for that specific purpose. With over 10,000 different grape vines available, only 230 are intended for warm weather cultivation. … [Read more...]

Make Premium Quality Wine in Your Own Home

Making homemade wine is one of the most pleasant and rewarding hobbies you can choose. Not only do you get the joy of making and tasting your own wine, but you get to save money over buying it at the store. You should not make the mistake of thinking you can only make the cheap stuff, either; it is inexpensive and easy to make premium wines at home for pennies on the dollar compared to retail prices. … [Read more...]