Understanding the Mashing Process in Beer Brewing

When brewing beer, each step is important in determining the overall quality of the final product. Malting the grains is perhaps one of the most important of these, but the stage that comes after, called mashing, is essential in making sure those grains are ready for fermentation. The mashing process helps the malted grains convert their starches into the simple sugars, usually maltose, that make the much-loved drink intoxicating. It also has a significant effect on the flavor and body of the … [Read more...]

Making Red Wine Vinegar at Home – Why You Should Add It To Your Diet

When you make red wine vinegar at home, you might be surprised to discover that it tastes superior to store bought vinegars. The red wine you choose will directly affect the flavor of the finished product, so be sure to choose a red wine that you enjoy drinking. … [Read more...]

The Purpose of Wine Racking

There are different types and designs of wine racks. The wooden wine stand is just one type of rack. Wood is attractive and multifunctional. This type of rack is made in a large variety of stains and finishes. There are multifunctional storage units that can hold one bottle or hundreds of them. Modern and traditional racks are made in any size and cost that suits the home décor. … [Read more...]

Wine Cellars – Do You Really Need One?

Whether you ferment your own wine or are simply a connoisseur, having a wine cellar will help maintain the quality of your collection. Wine cellars keep your wines in a single dedicated space to keep them from crowding your home. A cellar also helps protect your wine from temperature, light, humidity and movement. … [Read more...]