Which Coffee Makes the Best Coffee?

The origins of coffee supposedly go all the way back to the 9th century when an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi first discovered coffee. At least that's the way the legend of coffee has been told down through the years. Actually, there is no direct evidence of coffee in Africa before the 17th century. The earliest believable evidence of coffee being used as a drink comes from the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. It was there, in Arabia that someone actually picked coffee beans from a coffee … [Read more...]

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Single Time

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is not a secret. It’s not above top secret classified information locked up in Area 51. If you want to brew the perfect of coffee, it does require following an exact process. … [Read more...]

The Cheese Making Process is Easy to Do and Can Be Done at Home

Cheese is a very popular garnish, or a snack for some, that many people want to learn how to make at home. It is a delicious and versatile treat, which can easily be made in any kitchen. In fact, this kind of white cheese recipe, as any other kind of cheese, even, can be made by using the simplest ingredients and not with any complex equipment. This article aims to provide a recipe for white cheese which has a consistency similar to that of Indian chenna/panir, cottage cheese, Catalan brossat or … [Read more...]

How To Make Easy, Delicious Homemade Port Wine

Port wine is an age old style of fortified wine treasured by wine lovers for centuries. Typically a dessert wine, port can be enjoyed any time of day and is easy to make at home when following the correct steps. Here we’ll outline the process so you can get started making this delicious and unique type of wine on your own. … [Read more...]