Canning Equipment – 7 Canning Supplies You Need For Home Canning

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Home canning is the process of preserving vegetables, fruit, or meat by placing them in jars that are heated at high temperatures. Proper heating will eliminate enzymes and destroy harmful microorganisms. During the heating and cooling process, a vacuum seal is formed. These vacuumed sealed jars resists contamination and will keep preserved food safe for a year or longer. Home canning is often used to preserve jams, salsa, pickles, and jellies. The following list describes canning equipment and seven canning supplies you need for safe, successful home canning.

Pressure Canner: This is the best type of canner to use for low acid vegetables and meat. Pressure canners are made especially for safe home canning. Low acid foods that are preserved without the use of a pressure canner may be exposed to bacteria that promotes a form of food poisoning known as botulism. The temperature inside a pressure canner is about two hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit, high temperatures will destroy bacteria filled spores that produce dangerous toxins.

Boiling Water Canner: Widely used to preserve high acid foods like fruit, jellies, jams or pickled items, these canners use boiling water to kill bacteria, yeast, and mold. This type of home canning equipment can be purchased separately or in complete sets with a canning rack and lid. These easy to use canners are often selected by homeowners who are using canners for the first time, they are also known as water bath, or steam canners.

Canning Jars: Especially designed for home canning, canning jars have bands made from rubber, and screw on lids. Canning jars will be properly sealed and protected from breakage when submerged in a boiling water or pressure canner. Canning jars are available in sizes that range from one half pint, to one quart, and can be purchased by the case. Lids and bands are often interchangeable with canning jars of the same size.

New Bands And Lids: To make sure your canned foods are properly sealed, it is essential to use new bands and lids. While it is possible to use bands from one year to the next, they should be carefully inspected before you use them. Bands that are corroded or warped will not fit properly and should be discarded. The most common type of lids for home canning are two piece lids that include a band and a flat disc made from metal. Always use
new lids for the foods you want to preserve, old lids can not provide the protective seal that is needed for home canning.

Magnetic Lid Lifter: This simply designed canning tool is a magnetic wand that is used to remove lids from hot water. Bands and lids can be retrieved safely and easily with this innovative home canning tool. Using a magnetic lid lifter for your sterilized lids and bands will keep them free from contamination.

Canning Jar Lifter: A durable plastic coated jar lifter allows you to securely grip hot canning jars without burning your fingertips. Specially designed models feature comfortable cushion grips and high performance steel tongs to lift canning jars of all sizes. The jar lifter you choose should be sturdy enough to lift upright jars, and jars that need to be lifted from the sides. They are offered in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles.

Wide Mouth Canning Funnel: A free flowing wide mouth funnel is the best option for home canning. Canning funnels have a wide mouth and throat that is designed to accommodate chunks of solid and semi-solid foods. The throat and mouth of a regular sized funnel is too narrow to use for canning, foods will not flow properly, and your canning project will be a bit messy. Wide mouth canning funnels range from four, to six inches in diameter, with a two and one quarter inch throat. They are made from a variety of materials including glass, stainless steel, plastic, and granite-ware.

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