How to Pickle Onions- Easy Pickled Onion Recipe

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Making homemade pickled onions can be an interesting and rewarding experience. Whether one enjoys onions, wants a flavorful sandwich topping, or wants to make them a unique gift, pickled onions can be made to suit the individual’s tastes. They are also relatively easy to make.

Choosing Supplies and Ingredients

One must first choose the onions he would like pickled. Most onion varieties can be used and should be chosen based on one’s preferences. Size does need to be considered. Onions that are small enough to fit inside the pickling jar will often be more presentable if that is a concern, but larger onions can be chopped and used. Salt, water, and vinegar are also necessary ingredients. Malt and white vinegar are two popular choices. Depending on one’s tastes seasonings such as bay leaf, thyme, and dried peppers will be needed. Those that would like sweet pickled onions will may want to use some sugar.

Prepare the Brine

Brine is needed to keep the onions from becoming soggy during pickling. Brine is made by boiling salt and water until the salt dissolves. One should make sure he uses enough water to cover all of the onions. Two ounces of salt is needed for every pint of water. Boil the mixture until the salt dissolves, then let the brine cool completely while preparing the onions.

Prepare the Onions

The onions should be peeled, but if possible leave the root to provide support. Onions that are too large for the jar should be chopped. Placed the finished onions into a non-corrosive bowl. Once the brine is completely cool, poor it over the onions. Make sure the onions are completely submerged, it may be necessary to place something on top of them, and let them soak for about twenty-four hours.

Pickling the Onions

Rinse the onions thoroughly and dry them off. Place them in a clean canning jar. Mix the chosen vinegar and spices in a bowl, then pour the mixture over the onions in the jar. The onions should be completely covered. Close the jar. If using a metal lid, place some plastic wrap between the lid and the pickling solution to prevent rust. Label the jar with the date and place it in a cool, dark place. Wait about a month before opening the jar and enjoying these homemade pickled onions. Those that prefer a more mellow flavor, may want to wait two or three months before using the onions.

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