Live Healthy By Dehydrating Raw Food

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In our modern age, processed foods have crept their way into the pantries and refrigerators of virtually every family. Over time, processed foods can adversely affect your health if they are not eaten in moderation and in conjunction with non-processed, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. One way to ensure a healthy diet is to enhance it by way of dehydrating raw food. Wide varieties can be dehydrated and stored for long periods, ensuring that your family has access to healthy, non-processed foods whenever you desire. Live healthy by dehydrating raw food on a regular basis.

Advantages of Dehydrating Raw Food

Several distinct advantages are associated with dehydrating raw food, and you would be wise to educate them before stepping out to purchase a dehydration machine at your local department store. One of the biggest benefits of dehydrating your own food is the fact that your dried goods will have no chemicals added to them, ensuring that every bite is completely healthy and beneficial for your bodily systems. This is quite different than most processed foods, that come pumped full of preservatives and other additives.

Another incentive to dehydrating raw food is the fact that is can save you and your family a fortune. Simply purchase meats and fruits when they are on sale, in season, or in bulk and dehydrate whatever you do not intend for immediate use. In this manner, you can store healthy food for many months to come without paying higher prices when demand for a particular product increases.

A third essential advantage to dehydrating raw food is the fact that the dehydration process preserves the nutrient-rich minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are usually lost during the cooking process. This means that every time you eat dehydrated raw food instead of cooked meats, vegetables and fruits, you are providing your body with an extra boost of power-packed nutrients.

Ideas for Healthy Dehydrated Foods

Now that you are on board with the benefits of eating dehydrated raw food, you can begin to get creative with the items you choose to dry and store for later consumption. Beef jerky is one standard pantry item that can provide an afternoon snack for your kids or can sustain you while hiking up a steep trail. Granola is another staple item that is good for both of these uses, as well as for use as breakfast fare.

Dried fruit is another dehydrated item that can compliment any meal or serve as a snack all on its own. In addition, raw cookies or scones are a vegan delight that can be made quickly and easily via your dehydration machine.

Tips for Dehydrating Raw Food

Dehydrating raw food is both an art and a science. It is important to thoroughly dehydrate all of your raw foods intended for preservation, as failure to do so will result in mold growth on the food articles over time. The length of time required to dry any given food is determined by its water content, sugar content, food size and the amount of circulation and heat inside your particular dehydration machine.

Make sure that you keep the temperature inside your dehydrator hot enough to dry the food but not hot enough to cook it. Remember, if your dehydration temps are too high, you may make your food hard and unpleasant to eat. However, if your temps are too low, you may wind up spoiling the food rather than drying it. If you are in question about any particular raw food item up for dehydration, simply do a quick search on the Internet for specific drying instructions.

Dehydrating raw food is not all that difficult once you get the hang of it, but you should always keep an eye on the process to make sure it is proceeding as planned.

Live a healthier lifestyle by dehydrating raw food instead of cooking it. Your body will thank you and so will your budget.

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