Why Grow a Canning Garden?

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Almost any type of food from fruits to vegetables can be canned for long term preservation. Many people by fresh produce at local markets to can for use during winter months. But a better alternative is to grow your own garden. There are many benefits to growing a garden that produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables suitable for canning. Here are some of the major benefits.

Saving Money –

Over the long run, growing your own garden and canning your produce can save thousands of dollars. If planted and tended properly, a single 30 foot x 8 foot raised bed garden can provide as much as $2,000 worth of produce every year. On top of this, you will also save the money you would normally spend on gas driving to stores to purchase food. Much of the cost of canned foods purchased at grocery stores is for the packaging. By canning what you grow, your overall food costs will be lower because good canning jars can normally be reused for many years.

Taste –

Anyone who grows their own garden will confirm that freshly-picked produce tastes better. You can harvest your produce just at the time you need them, which helps make your the food you prepare more delicious. Canning your produce as soon as it is harvested will help preserve their delicious flavors for long periods of time.

Nutrition –

The vitamins and minerals contained in fresh produce begin breaking down immediately after harvesting. Most commercial fruits and vegetables are harvested days before processing ad transported hundreds of miles before reaching store shelves. Growing and canning produce that is freshly picked will provide foods of much higher nutritional value.

Chemical Exposure –

When you grow your own produce, you are able to control the amounts of pesticides, herbicides and the types of fertilizer used on your plants. Many chemicals used for the growing of commercial produce can be harmful to humans over the long run; especially children. Limiting the amounts you use will decrease their harmful effects.

Exercise –

Growing a garden and canning your own produce requires physical work which burns calories and exercises muscles. It is estimated that you can burn anywhere from 200 to 550 calories by working in your garden for just one hour. Besides the health benefits of this exercise, you will also be exposed to more sunlight and fresh air.

Helping The Environment –

Growing your own garden and canning your produce has many positive benefits for the environment. You are growing plants that help reduce carbon in the air, reducing the amounts of natural resources needed for packaging commercial foods and lowering the amounts of chemicals added to soils. Depending on the types of plants you grow, a garden can also provide a good habitat for many beneficial insects.

Mental Health –

There’s no better feeling than tending your own garden and looking upon a full pantry of the fresh produce you canned. It has been widely proven that tending a garden can help lower blood-pressure and create a more peaceful state of mind. Growing your own produce and enjoying a bountiful harvest can go a long way in creating a healthier emotional balance that will benefit all areas of your life.

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